New! Efficiency self-test 

Use the new Efficiency self-test which gives mobile operators the possibility to calculate efficiency KPIs online and see how competitive the KPI values are.

The model is calibrated for mobile operators in advanced markets, but anyone can use the online calculators.

Just fill in your input data in the grey section of either of the three windows below – for Marketing & Sales, for Customer Service or for Networks. As soon as there's enough input, the KPIs will be calculated. Good values are highlighted with green, typical values with yellow and not-so-good values in red. No data is saved.

Chrome can have problems displaying the forms - if so, try Firefox or Internet Explorer. 




The Efficiency self-test tells you where you are – but it can't give you guidance on how to improve.

To improve, the first step after the Efficiency self-test is to get your Efficiency Index calculated. This gives you a global comparison of your efficiency and guidance on what can be done to improve it further. 

In order to get a really detailed understanding of your efficiency and what should be done to improve it, please refer to one of tefficient's region- or scope-specific benchmarks.