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Universally understood: Answering to the need of telecom operators, investors & analysts


More than ever before, efficiency is the answer to profitability and business sustainability of telecom operators.

Operators, investors and analysts all have the need to understand – and reliably compare – efficiency levels of operators. What if it could be done with one figure?  

In 2012, telecom efficiency specialist tefficient developed the Efficiency Index based on thorough data research – collecting, analysing and correlating data from more than 400 local operators globally – combining it with data from telecom regulators, governments and international institutions like IMF, ITU and UN. The work has been redone and model recalibrated based on new operator data for the new Efficiency Index 2013/2014. Read about the methodology. 

It's optional to publish the Index, but some operators have. See the Efficiency Index top list here.

Find out how to get your own Efficiency Index

The Efficiency Index proposition is open to all mobile operators globally for only 2000 EUR. Getting your own Efficiency Index is time and cost effective – see here.

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As a first step, you might want to try out the online Efficiency self-test 


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Efficiency Index 2012 recalibrated - check modifications to the top list!

The finalisation of the operator piloting led to a need to recalibrate one of the eleven sub-indices (productivity) that makes up the Efficiency Index in 2012. This means that the indicative Efficiency Index for a total of 17 operators have been adjusted, typically +/-1 point. Revisit the top list to see how this affected the top list:

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